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Integrating Turnkey Solutions to Build a Brighter Future


Our microgrid gets the most out of each kilowatt generated and maximizes the use of on-site renewables, resulting in fewer harmful GHG emissions polluting the environment.


Our microgrid makes use of waste heat to offset heating and cooling loads and minimizes electric loads during peak utility hours, which substantially reduces our customer’s energy costs.


Our microgrid is capable of operating in grid-parallel or island modes. Therefore, in the event of utility grid outage our system provides standby power for critical equipment.


Providing innovative energy solutions to businesses in many areas.

Indoor Agriculture

Forecasted to be one of the fastest growing industries over the next two decades, Indoor Agriculture is revolutionizing the way the world thinks about farming.

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Hospitals and nursing homes require round the clock power to perform critical life-saving functions under even catastrophic conditions.

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Public Purpose

Public purpose microgrids represent a paradigm shift in the way our communities function. Our solutions provide safe and resilient power.

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Commercial / Industrial / Retail

Commercial and industrial facilities represent a broad range of potential customers as many require 24/7 operation and have large energy demands.

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Energy Study

Scale Microgrid Solutions and New Frontier Data have joined forces to quantify the legal cannabis industry’s energy consumption and environmental impact. To achieve this, we have designed a survey that will collect data from cannabis cultivators related to their facility design, utility bills, and annual production. As a reward, all participating cultivators will receive a custom report detailing their operation’s energy performance relative to their peers. All collected data will remain anonymous and confidential. If you would like to learn more please reach out, and to participate click below.
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