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Solutions that Matter

At Scale Microgrid Solutions we believe in devoting our time and effort to problems worth solving, building a team of hard-working and talented people, and getting out of their way.


Innovation through Integration

Scale Microgrid Solutions is building the bridge to a sustainable energy future by transforming cutting-edge clean technologies into integrated packaged solutions. We're leading, advancing, and enabling the shift to a decentralized energy future by providing our customers with a sustainable, cost-effective, and resilient present.

"We need innovation that gives us energy that’s cheaper than today’s hydrocarbon energy, that has zero co2 emissions, and that’s as reliable as today’s overall energy system. And when you put all those requirements together, we need an energy miracle."

Bill Gates


50+ Years Of Combined Experience In The Energy Industry

Ryan Goodman

CEO & Co-Founder

Tim Hade

COO & Co-Founder

Howard Goodman

CTO & Co-Founder

Duncan Campbell

VP Development

Peter Krasco

VP Execution

David Hann

Sr. Design Engineer

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