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How it Works

Our Solution

integrates the following component technologies and capabilities into packaged solutions that provide our customers with cleaner, cheaper and more resilient energy:


These highly efficient natural gas engines provide reliable and flexible power generation.

Solar PV

Maximizes the use of on-site 100% renewable energy source.

Battery Storage

Combined with the solar PV, this allows you to maximize the impact of on-site renewables.

Absorption Chilling

When cooling is applicable, recycled heat from gas generation powers system.

Desiccant Dehumidification

When dehumidification is applicable, recycled heat from gas generation powers the system.

Utility Integrated Controls

These work with the grid during normal operations, and power critical loads during outages.

Remote Monitoring

This web/mobile enabled remote monitoring system provides transparency to our users and engineers and reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

Service / Maintenance

Ongoing service and maintenance are typically included in pricing. This also includes monthly servicing and inspections.

Optional: For our Indoor Agriculture customers, stimulate additional plant growth with clean CO2 fertilization from our systems treated exhaust.

Purchasing Options

Capital Sale

Under this structure, the customer pays upfront and owns the asset outright. While it requires a large up-front expenditure, this allows customers to maximize their return on investment.

Energy Service Agreement

Under this structure the customer is able to capture savings with no up-front costs. SMS builds the project, retains ownership, operates and maintains the assets, then charges the customer a fee for offsetting grid electricity.

Our Process

Weeks 1-2

Desktop Feasibility Analysis

This is how the SMS team evaluates the feasibility of integrating our solution into a customer’s facility. In order to accomplish this, for existing facilities, we require the last 12 months of utility bills. If it is a new build we require energy projections (if no projections exist, SMS can help). Following our analysis, SMS will present a high-level analysis of the financial and technical impacts of our solution.
Get Started

Weeks 2-3

On-Site Energy Audit

SMS representatives will do a half-day visit to your facility to inspect various components of the facility’s existing energy system and may request approval to install temporary energy meters.

Weeks 4-6

Formal Project Proposal

At this stage, the SMS team will have gone through and confirmed or disqualified assumptions made during the Desktop Feasibility Analysis and On-site Energy Audit, and will have a thorough understanding of a customer’s facility and energy usage. As such, this proposal will include formalized terms for the customer’s evaluation in deciding to move forward or not.

Weeks 6-11

Project Finance, Permitting and Interconnection

SMS has partnered with banks, utilities and institutional investors to offer several purchasing options to best meet our customers needs.
SMS is intimately familiar with the permitting and interconnection process. While specific requirements may vary from project to project, we interface with all relevant agencies to ensure proper documentation and procedures are completed.

And Beyond

Installing and Commissioning

The installation and commissioning will be led by one of SMS certified technicians. During this process our technician will verify proper installation and perform a thorough sequence of operations.
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