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Indoor Agriculture

Forecasted to be one of the fastest growing industries over the next two decades, Indoor Agriculture is revolutionizing the way the world thinks about farming. Most facilities have consistent load profiles and incredibly high-power density factors (kW/ft3). As such, controlling energy costs represents a significant challenge.


Hospitals and nursing homes require round the clock power to perform critical life-saving functions under even catastrophic conditions. With large and steady thermal and electric operating requirements, our solution provides the resiliency needed while also reducing costs and carbon footprint.

Public Purpose

Public purpose microgrids represent a paradigm shift in the way our communities function. Its benefits are twofold: They provide safe and resilient power to critical community assets and bolster the broader electric distribution system.

Commercial / Industrial / Retail

Commercial and industrial facilities represent a broad range of potential customers. The best applications for our solution are facilities that require 24/7 operations and have large energy demands. Some facilities that match this description include refrigerated warehouses, data centers, and large-scale retail.

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