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Rapid Response Modular Microgrids (R2M2)

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Cost Effective

California Case Study

Utility Public Safety Power Shutoffs Will Affect All Californians
  • Electrical infrastructure has contributed to igniting California’s recent devastating wildfires. 
  • As a precautionary measures, utilities and state regulators have drastically increased the Public Safety Power Shutoff  (PSPS) Program
  • PSPS allows utilities to pre-emptively turn off power during times of peak fire threat.
Are You Ready to Endure Outages?
  • Utilities and regulators expect 10+ outages per year in High Fire Threat Districts
  • Outages are expected to last 2-5 days
  • Once fire threats have ceased, utilities are required to inspect all lines to ensure safe re-energizing

What is R2M2?

R2M2 is a modular and pre-engineered microgrid system developed by Scale Microgrid Solutions and Schneider Electric. The system seamlessly incorporates renewable energy, energy storage, and dispatchable generation. The microgrid is utilized in parallel with the utility to provide energy savings, and can enter island mode during grid outages  to provide complete reliability and resiliency.

Solar PV


Battery Storage

Smart Controls

9 Months

65% faster installation. The typical development cycle for a microgrid is 18-36 months. The R2M2 process enables system commissioning within 9 months on average.

Up To 30%

Savings versus the industry standard. Using high-quality, standardized technology enables you to benefit from economies of scale and eliminate bespoke costs associated with traditional microgrid installations.


Scale Microgrid Solutions Energy Services Agreement eliminates up-front capital requirements via a fully-funded, pay for performance structure complete with risk mitigating guarantees. Availability is subject to credit review.
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